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Strong & Light, 100% water resistent, this new furniture panel weighs less then 4,3Kg/sqm., 65% less than traditional panels.
Available in hundreds of colors and finishings.

Strong & Light, 100% water resistent, this new floor panel weighs less then 6,3Kg/sqm., 45% less than traditional panels


Technical drawer is located under central seat.
Easy access to technical drawer without tools.
Large ventilation grid.
All devices and two batteries are grouped inside it.

Water on demand and no waste of water, are guaranteed
by two foot switches,  placed in the kitchen and bathroom!


Pickup Truck Campers produced by, are the most versatile and functional models on the current market. Their living units, real jewels of engineering and technology, are the result of our project. Pick Up with cabin uploaded can be drived with standard car driving licence
They are the only existing ones especially designed for car rental, tested directly in Iceland by our car rental during period 2011/2014. Our cabins, with compass-opening folding roofs (made of insulated PVC sheet), are designed in order to accommodate 3+1 beds and they are complete of all types of service and comfort.  From the year 2018, the new generation of cabins, has the furniture panels made with alveolar polycarbonate laminated and honeycomb aluminium floor.  
This cabin  can set up on all types of PICK UP EXTRA CAB with rear cargo area 180/190 cm length, but we can produce singol and dual cab  for Pick up on demand, cabins
The low-slung profile of the vehicle gives it an excellent streamline and allows high cruising speed on the highway (150 km/h) besides protecting it from skidding and rollovers, caused by strong side-wind. Its  barycenter allows the vehicle to run on steep slope roads without the front tires leaving the ground. Our pickup trucks can run easily even on side slope roads. Their dimensions (2,00 meters wide and from m. 2,50 to m. 2,65 high depending on the pickup model) make them able to run even in the middle of the Mediterranean vegetation without any problem.
Visitors and users of our travel cabins get astonished by its habitability. When the roof is open, the inside of the cabin reaches the height of 2,3 meters at its highest point and it is 1,75 meters high where there are sofas. Our cabins are surprisingly livable even when the roof is closed. They can be an excellent place of protection, allowing you to sleep, cook and eat even in extreme conditions such as hurricanes and heavy storms. Technical and creative solutions make inner space amazingly efficient (235 cm long and 195 cm wide) and able to contain 4 persons in 3 comfortable beds (a double bed, a single bed and baby one 150 cm x 80 cm), a kitchen with a 2 burners stove and a sink, a bathroom with toilet, sink and shower.
We can offer different level of fittings of every unit: from  entry level equipment to full equipment.
100-liters water reserve tank, electric water pump driven by electric foot-switch, 48-liters dirty water recovery tank. Ducted air Heating System Webasto. 50-liters WAECO refrigerator with freezer drawer. A 9" Monitor/tv with digital TV tuner. HI-FI system Radio/dvd-mp3- etc with sd card - usb - HD reader. Power 220V always available on board thanks by means of Pure Sine Inverter 12Vcc/220Vac 400W. Totally energy independence is guaranteed by 2 flat solar panels till 265Wp (140 Wp+125Wp), complete with charge controller unit, and 2 AGM / LIFEPO4 Battery till 260 Ah). Hot water always available through a 5-Liters combined Boiler Truma therme TT 12  adapted on our project  .
There is a lot of space available for the storage of clothing and personal items inside the travel cabin (0.8 cubic meters). Luggage can be distributed inside the front locker, in the rear wardrobe, inside the kitchen-pantry under sink, in the drawer under the refrigerator, inside bathroom cabinets, etc.
The insulation of the body shell is guaranteed by a polyurethane foam layer, 25 mm. thick . The fabric that joins the roof and the cab, is made of insulated PVC which is 100% guaranteed against water seepage in extreme rainy days, in case of strong winds and even during the cloth washing at 140 BAR pressure. This new sheet can be used up to a temperature of – 30 ° C. Hot air of Webasto heating system is carried inside the  main cabinets and under the floor too.
Our travel-cabins can be removed from the vehicle in any moment and anywhere. Uploading and downloading operations require a only one person and take less than 20 minutes.
Travel cabins can be easily transformed from the day layout to the night one in less than 5 minutes. The cabin is provided with  double sleeping bag, single sleeping bag and baby sleeping bag. In the night layout, you can have free access to the bathroom, to the fridge and to all the storage cabinets.


White fiberglass cells (insulated 20/25mm. Polyurethane foam), with washable PVC tapestry, 4 beds, insulated folding roof, furniture panel made in alveolar-polycarbonate laminated,  honeycomb aluminium floor, Stainless Steel & aluminium details!
A double bed (size 1000/1200 x1950 mm. long ) obtained by a convertible sofa.
A single bed (size 700x1900/2100 mm long) can be set up above the kitchen.
A single baby-bed (size 750x1500 mm long) anchored under the roof of the cabin, it can easily lowered.
Kitchen side window SAIZ (size 750x 400 mm)
Bathroom side window SAIZ (size 900x 400 mm)
Bathroom rear window SAIZ (size 350x500 mm)
Roof porthole fan (size 400x400 mm)
All windows are equipped with sliding mosquito nets and blinds!
Three functions table: 1) dining table 2) double bed component 3) kitchen-pantry door.
Vertical cabinet/wardrobe (size 500X500X1400 mm.), with upper door + 3 extractable storage box.
Front storage locker (size 1900x450x500 mm.)
Vertical cabinet: 50-liters WAECO refrigerator with freezer compartment - drawer - lower locker
Stainless steel Kitchen with 2 burners stove, sink with mixer tap. Kitchen pantry under sink.
Vanish bathroom, with turnable toilet THETFORD, hinged / extractable sink, double function mixer tap (extensible for shower too). Upper e lower toilet cabinets.
Stink free in the cabin with SOG WC ventilation system
Stainless steel shower tray with aluminium footrest
100-liters (water reserve) polyethylene tank, water saving system (electric pump + foot-switch).
48-liters (dirty water) recovery Polyethylene tank
Water level control unit & water probe model CBE MTT.
Power Unit mod. POWER SERVICE GOLD 25 + I MANAGER + 10 Lines fuse box + 220v Main switch
Service battery  AGM  12V/140Ah  + optional  service battery  AGM  12V/120Ah  (Total power available 260Ah)
N. 3 LED ceiling lights (dinette / kitchen / bathroom)
N. 2 Sockets 12 V / 220V
Kitchen gas system with 2 opp. 3kg campingaz gas bottle and adapter.
Aluminum entrance door complete with lock and keys.
3 stainless-steel support legs, device for manual activation to load and to download the cabin.
4 steel guy cables to anchor the cabin to the vehicle
Rear car—lights repetition system
220 V camping  socket
Stainless steel rear folding stepladder
N. 4 Pillows


5-Liters combined Boiler Truma Therme TT 12
WEBASTO heating system (technical preparation to be connected to the vehicle fuel tank set up), till main cabinet.
Pure sine wave inverter 12V/220V-400W + multisocket
Auxiliary service battery  AGM  12V/120Ah (Total power available 260Ah)
Main Solar panel 3 mm thickness  140Wp
Additional Solar panel 3mm thickness 125Wp
Outdoor rear LED light
9" Monitor/tv with digital tv tuner.
HI-FI Radio system/dvd-mp3- etc etc with sd card - usb - HD reader.
Auxiliary 2 or 3kg campingaz gas bottle
Baby safety net for upper bad.
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