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When passion became business

"I love adventure travels. I need a vehicle which can guide me anywhere. Small, light, strong, and with all the comforts necessary to camping in the wildest landscapes, never miss out pleasure of the life. I understood that the pick up truck camper was the right solution. In 2008 I have researched this product on the market, but I didn't found it. I found only big units full of comfort or small uninhabitable units. I'm an expert in telecomunication, I have taken all my technological know-how and together my team we realized a fleet of "adventure units", for rent and test them in Iceland, from 2011 to 2014. A lot of car rental customers have given us many suggestions to improve our units. We have applied these suggestions in production line,  and today we can say:

we have got a great quality product... one of the best!".

    Furio  Bianchi
Project Manager
When dream come true !

Dreaming does not cost !
Turning a dream into reality requires a good team, trustworthy partneships, and a strict Account Manager !

This project was born also from me, which I followed it in every step ..... and now this dream came true!

Maria Grazia Carbonaro
Account manager        
The Partnership

O.i.f.  sas sas Italian little company. Its core business consists  in production and set up, refrigerator trucks and vans. We work close in same buildings. O.i.f. Sas produce our fiberglass shell for pick up truck camper.
O.i.f can easily produce fiberglass insulated panels till 30mt long and assembly insulated box of every dimension, for fitting inside all needs for realize 4x4 adventure truck and vans.

....we are ready !   are you ?

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